SB-BOB brush cover
SB-BOB brush cover


SB-BOB brush cover

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  • Quality - Maximum fiber quality of 1200 GSM. The material offers maximum quality standards. Here lies the demand of users who want to protect the paint and ensure optimum results.
  • Fit - Adaptation to any brush by integrated cord. The SB-BOB adapts to any brush of self-service washers. The cord fixes the sponge securely to the brush so that the sponge cannot fall off the brush when it becomes saturated with water and foam.
  • Water absorption - High water absorption for scratch protection. The SB-BOB was designed to guarantee maximum water and foam absorption. The aim is to wash without damaging the paint. The SB-BOB scores here with its material quality
  • Foam permeability - Simultaneous permeability for use on the SB brush. The water and foam absorption must be given, at the same time there is an adequate permeability for liquids and cleaning foams, so that the car paint is not only cleaned gently, but also very thoroughly.
  • Dirt-Net - The sewn-in mesh prevents particles or dirt from getting through the sponge onto your car paint. This is extremely important, otherwise any dirt can flow through the sponge between the cover and the paint. Further, the cord can be placed in the sponge after tightening without the tape making contact with the paint.
  • Note: Before using microfiber products, it is generally recommended to wash the products. This applies to any microfiber products. The product may "fluff" before the first use. This is common for such product groups and does not affect the function.